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Nashwa I. AbdelRazik founded Architect Junior platform 2004 and designed and developed it's curricula while applying it since then. She Initiated a second round taking Architect Junior to a business model later in 2010 and started another branch in Malaysia starting January 2017.. She graduated 1990 from Cairo University-Faculty of Engineering-Architecture department. She is a community architect practitioner is dedicated to engage local communities into the act of building as an educational process that retreat local socio-environmental decays. She worked with grass roots of different local communities in Egypt and in the Middle East. She co-founded the Egyptian Earth Construction Association 1997.  Author of "Appropriate Building Patterns for Saint Catheine - Egypt".



Architect Junior team members are all professional architects who can manage admin issues, create new content, handle small group of kids and create a life-time relationship with them... They are mothers and fathers of wonderful talented kids... Each team member is explicitly feeding the platform with different unique capacities and is dedicated to take the platform deeper and further.







Dalia Shaheen  is running Architect Junior classes in Egypt since 2015 till now and helped in adding three more modules to it's main curricula. She is graduated 1994 from the German school ( DEO), Graduated 1999 from Cairo University-Faculty of Engineering-Architecture department.

She worked as an Architect and Interior designer from 1999-2004. She spent 2004 till now as a dedicated mom for 2 children. She co-founded Circles Center recently. She is interested in desert trips and exploring the nature, and in playing music and art related activities. She also helped in organising desert-related events.


Heba Nabeh Joined Architect Junior team in 2016 and is now starting its first branch in Saudi Arabia starting April 2017. She is a Taekwando Black Belt player, Coach and Referee. In 2006, graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts Architecture Dept. Later on continued her studies in Project management at AUC. Heba was a team member in Movenpick Aswan Hotel Renovation as a Project Coordinator in 2008, then, joined ElSewedy Electric group as Construction Projects coordinator till 2013 then she was blessed with 2 kids. Then she started to look back for her passion in Architecture, Jewelry making and Sports .



Hager Mohsen joined Architect Junior team in 2007 for one year and rejoined the team in late 2016 till now. She has graduated in 2005 from from Cairo University-Faculty of Engineering-Architecture department.and was working formerly in:

• “Mokhtar Ibrahim engineers and contractors” as a technical office architect.

•  Architect Junior instructors in Mokatam language and international school during (2007-2008)

•  Architect Junior instructor in Jeddah – KSAALEF center during (2016 -2017)

•  Architect Junior instructor in green hills school in Jeddah – KSA.(2016-2017)

Mother of three children and interested in sports, reading and modern styles of kids learning. 




Alya Sabry is the newest team member will start her first Architect Junior session in September 2017 in Egypt. She has graduated from the faculty of Fine Arts, architecture department in 2013. She has worked in a research based architecture and urban development consultancy firm for three years, where she learned environmental behaviour studies and participatory design techniques  She is currently a freelance researcher involved in socio-urban studies, while she does her master of sciences degree. She is very much interested in nature, outdoor adventures and she works with the adventure company Wild Guanabana which arranges wilderness camps for children and adults. Art according to Alya is a lifestyle, where she appreciates arts and crafts and includes art in her everyday life.


Sara Alaaeldin, graduated in 2005 from faculty of engineering, Architecture department, Cairo university. Worked at ACC ( Arab contracting company), joined as team member at  children's oncology hospital 57357 project and Cairo Marriot rehabilitation projects. Moved to Amsterdam , Nederlands 2012 with her husband and her 3 kids. She is currently working on her online masters of Sustainable development at University of London. She is starting Architect Junior classes in Amesterdam in 2017 following her architecture passion.

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