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Despite the fact that mothers’ most challenging and unmeasurable mission in life is raising up a tiny new person to become a complete human being with a unique character , this can be the most enjoyable and adventurous experience with all uncertainties in the air… She only needs to release some of her stresses by sizing up her role in each maternity stage and act calmly. If she succeeded to reach this attitude, that will provide a better environment for her kids to grow unconfused and develop their skills while exploring life peacefully.

Mother’s role varies from caring, teaching, explaining, giving advice and accompanying in exploring life. It is not limited to organising, cleaning, feeding, driving and providing a safe and cosy place to live in. Do you think it can happen as calm as it really should be?

Let’s take it as one step at a time!


Respond to your kids, If you want them to grow responsive! Some people might advice you to ignore babies’ calls not to spoil them by growing more demanding, the best thing is to listen to your gut feelings. Mother’s heart is the best gadget to identify how serious her baby’s demand is. Respect your baby’s demands if you wish to raise up a sensible person. If you whisper while your baby is sleeping, s/he will grow up caring and considerate person.

Stay away from people who are always commenting on you as they will affect you negatively and will cause you a lot of irritation and consequently to your baby too. Your baby is smiling a lot and making nice cute poses… document them, enjoy them, and kiss and cuddle your baby and be soft while doing so! Sometimes babies cry as the only way of expression, don’t feel guilty and don’t be irritated. Make sure you fed and cleaned them before you collapse. It is an easy job. What makes it really hectic is the psychological wrong alarm of being guilty. If they are still crying without a reason, they might be just singing or trying to make some efforts help them by moving as if you are dancing or move to another space that might be more interesting to them.Slowly slowly create a song with them. You are the one who can decide when to visit the doctor. Doctors will give you the best advice to get rid of stomach gazes for instance. :)

Give your baby a quality time in nature surrounded by trees, watching the sky. Talk with them about what you are watching. They understand every word you say and eventually they will impress you by replying back! Make photos, write diaries, document each new interaction as it is going to be the best material to enjoy later stages… Listen to classical music with your baby as this helps her/him to grow smarter, be very picky and have a good taste when it comes to the type of music your baby hears in early years…

Care about your health, food and hygiene as your baby needs you in a good status. Time is very limited for an early motherhood stage but here are some tips as a resolution; Some exercises will not disturb your schedule and can happen with the kids while playing together. Eat veggies allot. Wash in a large bowl large quantities of dark green leaves and eat them row. They will give you the vitamins and minerals your body needs to move on and will not affect your new shape negatively. Remember: your new shape can also be fixed… Don’t make this point spoil your best time you are spending with your babies…

You must have noticed that your baby grows bigger than the amount of effort/food you are offering. This must teach you that you are not the only responsible person for this growth. Your care is definitely needed but you need to cool down and pray!

In the next articles we will talk about other stages




We would like to receive comments on the different characters that you have raised and how flexible you interacted in each case. Good success stories will be highlighted in our future issues, so share them with us by sending an email to:


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