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We started in the educational year 2003/2004 as an extra curricular activity within a national private school: Modern Schools of Egypt 2000 where architect Nashwa Ibrahim used to bring her children to. The call came to her to start the program when she found that their is something very essential missing in the national curriculum that does not help children to grow innovative. The question was: who said that language and numbers are the only basics a child should start learning. why not to explore compositions, structures, colours and textures… why not building?






Architect Junior curricula were proposed for ages 4 - 9 years which means working with kindergarten and primary 1st to primary 3rd, however students from older ages used to join as the school system had to be open to the whole primary section. Other new graduate architects started to join the cause when they heard about it asking to get trained in order to work with different schools around them. 

Arch. Noha ElNadoury took the whole responsibility from 2007 to 2010 at the same schools. Then this class were closed for few years.

Arch. Maha Elgammal started with a masters degree on the topic of early architecture education and practiced with one of the national schools to have case studies.

Arch. Magdy Yacoub is the designer of the cubes and blocks who dedicated long time of his life developing wooden kits for children.

In 2014 architect Nashwa Ibrahim decided to opening up the opportunity for kids from different areas and different schools to join by delivering the course within training hubs like Circles Center in Maadi and Little Owls in Tagamo’a.  She worked on the branding, online existance, marketing and building up an online/ offline community to promote the Architect Junior values among Egyptian communities.



Architect Junior is not just an art class!

It is an inspiring space… inspiring content… inspiring tools that enable children reaching real talents in them and provide the energy to develop it!


Architect Junior is an educational platform for ages 4-9 years aims at developing the innovative capacity for kids through early architecture education.

It focuses on growing kids' scientific knowledge on environment and architecture, triggering the exploration of colors, textures and compositions as nutrients for aesthetics and prototyping ideas with simple tools and materials to practically work.


The experience that is full of science, aesthetics and practical know-how can bring up architects, web developers, or spaceship designers with unique capacities..


Your child will be freely using colours, dough, sticks, pieces of cloth and textile to create projects inspired by one of our topics that in essence meant to teach smart building techniques. Composing a stable structure that is beautiful and present an idea as an  outcome of each session.


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