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Free Day @ Circles Center

Last Saturday almost 20 kids jumped in to Circles Center to get a free session on Architect Junior and to learn more about activities and curricula. It was the first time to present to mom's our curricula and the way our class works. First class started 12pm or little later and the second started after 2 hours.

Session of the day was about the "Arch", aimed at practicing that it can not only hold itself but also a wall upon it.

First, by playing the arch game with 2 students standing in front of each other holding their hands up to create a space underneath and a third student is to pass through the created space.

Second, they used a wooden arch set of blocks to understand the act of each piece in holding the structure and the importance of the keystone.

Third, they used clay balls to construct an arch making sure that the keystone is placed well. At this stage they realised that the keystone is the keyword here :)

in one hour session, kids were able to construct an arch and they got a flower tag on the top of it...

Guys, let's continue building arches :)

Nashwa Ibrahim


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