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3 days winter camp @ Little Owls

Apart from the course proposed to take place at Little Owls Activity Center in Tagamo3, Cairo, Egypt, 3 generic Architect Junior days took place with 7 to 10 kids during the past weeks.

On the first day, 7 kids joined the Arch session and they learnt how to build an arch and watched movies on how we use the arch building to build a bridge and to build windows.

Second day, it was all about the square and the different compositions we might have when puting more squares on the top of eachother or when elevating a square over one another.

Third day, it was about building a city and a castle to protect it and then we drew our dream houses and/or dream cities.

The first day Seleem Abdelghany was not in the mood to attend the session, however he was provoked to try it the second day. On the third day, He went 100% engaged and drew three dream houses with allot of passion.

I myself got allot of energy from this transformation in his attitude and felt more engaged to work with more kids and would love to reach all kids who miss to express themselves freely and to explore things without disturbance...

It is all about enabling the platform for their energy to grow and their ideas to be elaborated...

More on the video here...

Nashwa Ibrahim


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