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In the past three articles, we talked about three main phases: EARLY CHILDHOOD ADVENTURES, PRE-SCHOOLING / HOME-SCHOOLING and SCHOOL & SKILLS DEVELOPMENT. Unlike previous topics, this final one is not bounded by a certain maternity phase rather than being applied along all phases until the most suitable career path is prevailed!

What can be more interesting and joyful during your maternity life than having an open discussion on the future dreams of your kids?! Together with them and even engaging other family members as it is not only joyful, but inspiring to the whole family. Career paths are very diversified and endless. The list is not bounded within those whom you used to know by the way…

A child once told his mother that he would like to become a “thief”, the reason is to run quick and the policemen run after him :)… The reason here is so important to realise that he loves actions not money in essence… Another child once said that he would like to become a worker in a fuel station and the reason was to collect allot of money… Kids has different personalities and this might not exhaust a parent’s mind as to just have fun while realising each one’s character.

During the conversation a parent should notice what motivates the child the most. This is to help opening more venues not to close any… Money, Joy, helping their societies,, better livelihood, providing solutions to the world… etc. These types of conversations will help them choosing where to earn from, and also to realise the reason of their life and grow balanced.

Start by presenting all skills and interests of your child and be creative while elaborating on the possible career that combines all. A tailor for instance can suit a child who is neat , loves to draw, and happily using machines… and a fashion designer can also be proposed in that context as to bring in more innovative spirit to the career.

Be respectful to all careers you propose, the tailor and the fashion designer, the carpenter and the engineer, the plasterer and the architect. When they grow respecting and appreciating the role of each one, they can definitely choose a career path in a healthier manner. They will also be a great team member in any of the chosen careers.

Let the conversation stay open and never put an end to it. Keep adding possibilities each time they acquire new skills.

We would like to receive comments on the different characters that you have raised and how flexible you interacted in each case. Good success stories will be highlighted in our future issues, so share them with us by sending an email to:

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